About Peter Coleman

Founder of Professional Impact

I work with brands around the world both big and small, using design to translate their passion into healthy results on their bottom line!

I specialize in logo design, website design/build, strategic branding and creative art.

Using design to create a ‘Professional Impact’ is not a method, it’s a magic – it’s tapping into the DNA of your business to uncover what makes you unique and using design to translate that energy into something truly meaningful.

My process is the crossroads where understanding you, your values, your business, and your brand, meet with my passion for design, branding, art and getting real results!

I'll work alongside you to understand your processes and work to identify potential areas of your business where we can increase your profit margins!

Once that's done, I'll present to you a list of deliverables tailored to fit your business needs – it has to be Professional and it has to have an IMPACT.