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Brands, like people, need to build special relationships with the people they are talking and selling to

Not all designers understand this. I started as a portrait artist many years ago so my passion was and still is people – because that is what is at the heart of any business. Over the years I have worked alongside some great business leaders and entrepreneurs which means I've learned from some of the best out there. I learned the true value of how design can translate your spirit and passion into something that will really engage with your customer.

Using design to create a ‘Professional Impact’ is not a method, it’s a magic – it’s tapping into your DNA, uncovering your spirit and pushing that out through design. My process is the crossroads where understanding you, your values, your business, and your brand, meet with my passion for design, knowledge, art, professionalism, and experience. It’s about looking at your business and identifying the key processes you operate to win more business and bringing it to the surface so that the minute people see your brand, you stand out from the crowd – it has to be Professional and it has to have an IMPACT.

Professional IMPACT Process

My simple to follow 5 step process is designed to maximise your success. It’s based on identifying who you are and discovering who will buy from you and why they should. You may just need one of my services for example a new website or new logo. If that’s you then give me a call an i’ll talk you through the steps.


This is where we meet to discuss your ideas, your challenges and identify your 'WHY'

Why are you in business?

Your WHY isn't about profit - that's a result. Your WHY is exactly why people will buy from you. I'll identify that and then we get ready for the next stage.


Now I know your WHY I can define who you really are and exactly who will buy from you.

Developing the Strategy

I then create a list of recommended of deliverables i.e Brand Devlopment, Web Design, etc aligned with a strategic customer centric marketing plan.


The is where I conceptualise and design an agreed list of effective deliverables.

Concepts and Sign Off

I'll present to you the design concepts for feedback and sign off - Once signed off, I'll get it all ready for launch as soon as your happy.


Time to launch your new brand - making a bold and powerful statement with a clear message your customers will respond to.

Launching Your Brand

I will stand with you throughout the launch phase to help you nurture your leads and support you where necessary.


The real measure of your Impact will be based on your increase in turnover. An outcome from executing the whole process.

Measuring Your Performance

I offer a range of follow up services like monthly reports to show you who your visitors are, how they are responding to your online activities and how to keep building a strong customer base who love what you do.

Ready to make an IMPACT? Call me NOW on 07970 002 380

The Professional IMPACT Team

I usually cover all aspects of marketing and design myself. However, for larger projects I have a team of carefully selected creative talents I can bring in to the mix.

Ready to make an IMPACT? Call us NOW on 07970 002 380

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