Let me introduce myself

“I’m Pete Coleman, Solopreneur Brand Designer and the founder of Professional Impact. Over the past fifteen years I have helped business owners just like you scale their businesses and make a real impact in the market.

I work with great clients who are typically business owners, entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and often mavericks.

What they have found is that a compelling brand identity, when tied to a well thought out strategy transforms communications into greater market share and revenue.

As a soloprenuer and creative storyteller I build the entire structure myself with a range of design and marketing services that are bespoke to your needs. Once complete you are sent all assets for your peace of mind.

I’ll work alongside you to help create a standout brand that cuts though the noise across all mediums and connects you with your ideal audience.

“It has to be professional and it has to have an impact”

Pete really is the Premium Swiss Army Knife of Design

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Brand Design
Brand Design
Brand Design
Brand Design
Brand Design
Brand Design

Core Values

03 Success
My success is your success - I want you to smash your goals.
My Capabilites
04 Open-minded
To explore new ideas, create new ways of building customer loyalty and be open to change.
My Capabilites
05 Pursue excellence
To constantly push the envelope and face challenges with optimism and hope.
My Capabilites

I’ll work with you every step of the way

Strategy Lead Design for Business Professionals

Design works when it’s tied to a brand strategy and marketing plan. I’ll work aligned to your business goals to understand who your ideal customer is and set about building a vibrant and meaningful brand experience that will help your business gain recognition and grow.

Align your brand with your goals

  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Build a cohesive visual style
  • Deliver an impactful message
Brand Design Strategy

Achieve your goals with a simple process

I know how complex brand building and marketing is. That’s why I’ve spent years developing my skills across all aspects of design and marketing.

From creating impactful brands that have transformed the lives of my clients to staying up date with the latest technology.

If we are a good fit for each other, I’ll stand on the front line with you and do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.

1. Discovery Call Session

Define and plan your business goals to create a pipeline for your success. Book Free Discovery Call

2. Strategy & Brand Design

Develop a brand strategy and create a plan of deployment – ensuring a cohesive visual style is in place to begin the process of growing your business.

3. Grow Your Business

This is where I’ll begin deployment and helping you drive engagement with your ideal customer. I’ll measure and establish what works for you and help drive your business forwards.