Brand Identity - Bond Style

Brand Identity for the Weekend Sir?

Brand your business like Bond and dress your business to win the business.

Brand your business like Bond and dress it to win the business.

Every single detail is considered when it comes to expressing the brand of Bond.

His brand identity (visual) is evident in the Aston Martins he drives, his choice of watch, the iconic Walther PPK, the suits he wears, and even his preferred drink.

These components combined help to express the brand of Bond and give his character a standout status that has become iconic over the years. “Shaken, not stirred?” That’s part of his brand voice… a tagline, if you will.

Your Brand Identity, Bond Style

Your brand identity helps shape the perception of your business in people’s minds. Over time, once about 80% of people are saying the same thing about your products and services, that’s your brand. While it’s ultimately your audience who decides who you are, this perception can be heavily influenced by the power of brand nuance.

Even in a competitive market, a brand with substance and style, engineered to precision, can move mountains in a relatively short space of time.

For more on that, read this article on how Under Armour disrupted Nike’s stronghold in the althletic apparel market.

Your brand is what the people say it is, not what you say it is.

Design is the language of feeling so getting your brand identity right is crucial when it comes to attracting the right customer.

Moving lightly into psychology for a moment, a standout brand design has the power to bypass our brain’s defenses, enabling the brand message to resonate at our deepest, primal level. Good brand identity design can evoke certain emotions before the reasoning part of the brain kicks in.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity: The Finer Details

Consciously, we dismiss most of what we see, but subconsciously, we see everything. This is why having a tight brand identity matters. Even if your message is powerful, a cohesive brand identity means your message gets read by more people. That message then becomes associated with the elements that make up your brand, from the fonts and colors to the image style and, finally, your logo.

Closing questions on branding your business

What objections do you think your potential customers might have about your business? Are they unaware of a key aspect that makes you right for them? Branding your business correctly is truly game-changing when done correctly.

You can find out more about branding your business here.

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The Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman

The Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman

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