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Leadership Branding for a Digital Age - Futr.Touch

The pandemic has changed the landscape forever as we head into digital transformation. Futr.Touch bring innovative future ready leadership training to the new world.


In 2021, CEO and Founder of Futr.Touch Monika Ouanich – former Management Consultant of Deloitte, needed an impact brand identity that would help her communicate her innovative offering of training future ready leaders.

Services Used


This relatively new business model meant we had to formulate a brand identity that would express the digital transformation aspect whilst retaining that all important human touch.

We worked at a deep and investigative level with Monika to develop a fully comprehensive brand identity, presented in a 64 page style guide that would ensure all brand communications are clear, simple, professional and impactful.

Project Deliverables

Futr.Touch Logo Variations

Website Concept Design

Leadership Brand Design

Brand Values


We believe that nothing is more important that our clients development.

People Matter

We are committed to each other as a community. Supporting each other along the way.

Creative Innovation

We build products our clients trust and believe in.


We are committed to achieving excellence for all of our clients to secure their future.


We are all in it together. Our collective journey is immersive and enjoyable.

Social Impact

We seek to have positive and lasting impact in the world of business and our client's lives.

64 Page Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Excerpts from the 64 Page Futr.Touch Brand Style Guide

Brand Language

  • Adaptive
  • Agile
  • AI driven technology
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Connection
  • Data Driven
  • Development
  • Digital
  • Disruptive
  • Experience
  • Excellence
  • Focus
  • Future
  • Human
  • Individual
  • Interactive
  • Positive Impact
  • Purpose
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Measured
  • Personalisation
  • Immersive
  • Resilient
  • Sensation (working with senses)
  • Tailored to Business Objective
  • Touch
  • Virtual

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