Collaboration with Oxford Innovation Space & Broxbourne Enterprise Centres

In 2023 I partnered with Oxford Innovation Space to create the branding for Broxbourne Enterprise Centres.

Photo Of Theobalds Enterprise Centre, Part Of Broxbourne Enterprise Centres, By The Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.&Quot;

Broxbourne Enterprise Centres include Hoddesdon Enterprise Centre (my home town, the centre was previously known as Ambition Broxbourne Business Centre) and Theobalds Innovation Centre that opened in November 2023.

Brand Services Used

The centres, run by Oxford Innovation Space, are home to start-up and growing SMEs. These hubs of business growth are in a strategic position on the edge of London with excellent transport connections.

The £10m Theobalds Enterprise Centre, designed to support the economic growth of the Borough of Broxbourne, was officially opened on 7 November 2023.

Broxbourne Enterprise Centres Brand Workshop

In the initial phase, I conducted a branding workshop to align the teams from Oxford Innovation Space and Broxbourne Council, facilitating a deep dive into their collective vision. Following the workshop, I developed a series of style scapes designed to encapsulate the core essence and vision of the Broxbourne Enterprise Centres brand.”

Page From Broxbourne Enterprise Centres Brand Style Guide By The Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.&Quot;
Brand Identity Page From The Hoddesdon Enterprise Centre Style Guide, Featuring Logos And Posters Designed By Peter Coleman.
The Brand Mechanic, Peter Coleman, Presents The Theobalds Enterprise Centre Master Logo Design, Showcasing Dynamic And Innovative Branding.
Broxbourne Enterprise Centres Master Logo Design By Peter Coleman, Showcasing A Sleek, Professional Look.
Hoddesdon Branding

Creative Direction

By integrating strategic workshops at the outset of our branding projects, I collaborate closely with clients to establish a clear creative direction.

This approach not only saves valuable time but also ensures that all design elements are perfectly aligned with the brand’s core identity.

This meticulous process guarantees that each visual representation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply resonant with the brand’s values and objectives.

Theobalds Enterprise Centre Opening
Entrance Sign At Theobalds Enterprise Centre, Designed By An External Agency Using The Brand Style Guide Created By The Brand Mechanic, Peter Coleman.

Branding Case Studies