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Construction Branding And Marketing Design

5 Ways I Support You

  • Expert Focus

    Delegate your marketing efforts to a trusted expert, freeing you to focus on your core business activities.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Save on the high costs of full-time roles. Hiring a Senior Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer can exceed £100,000 annually in the UK.

  • Trusted:

    I have over 15 years brand and design experience in the construction sector. I'm trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. I'm here to support you.

  • Flexible Options:

    Tailor your branding strategy with a variety of service options. I offer one-time projects to comprehensive monthly packages.

  • Strategy

    Work together to identify key opportunities for business growth. You could be sitting on an untapped goldmine. If you are, I'll most likely spot it.


Ox Tools
Gorilla Glue
Madigan Gill
Peter has worked with the Allneeds Group over multiple platforms for a number of years and been an integral part of our growth. His creativity linked to his ability to deliver commercial marketing solutions has been a huge help to us.

Peter's brand building of the IBC brand in particular has been exceptional, I would highly recommend Peter to future clients.
John Brett
Sales Director at Independent Buying Consortium (2009 - 2015)

A Brand Engine for High Performance

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A logo is just one piece of your brand’s visual story. Imagine having a fine tuned high performance brand, rich in substance and depth, clearly showcasing your potential and capabilities to key audiences.

I can help you do that.

You Can Expect This From Working With Me

  • Distinct Brand Identity

    Elevate above the crowd. I'll make your construction brand unforgettable in the market.

  • Trust and Credibility

    More than looks – I build trust and authority for your brand in every interaction.

  • Clear Value Message

    Your unique value, amplified. Clear, compelling messaging that cuts through the noise.

  • Consistent Branding

    Unified branding across all platforms. Cohesive, professional, unmistakable.

  • Goal-Aligned Branding

    Your brand, your goals. Strategic branding tailored to drive your business objectives.

Digital Marketing Branding Expert Hertfordshire

I’ve won awards for all of my branding services. I am commited to continuous learning across all aspects of branding and marketing. This means I can keep you out in front.

Construction Branding Services –

I build brand systems bespoke to the needs of your business including the following:

  • Brand Strategy

    Developing a roadmap for brand growth.

  • Web Design

    Crafting your digital brand presence.

  • Brand Identity Design

    Creating a visually compelling brand image.

  • Graphic Design & Illustration

    Enhancing your brand's visual storytelling.

  • Logo Design

    Designing a memorable symbol of your brand.

  • Video Production & Ad Creative

    Engaging your audience with dynamic video content.

  • Brand Messaging

    Articulating your brand message with precision.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Promoting your brand to the right audience effectively.

Construction Branding for MadiganGill: Building the Brand of Industry Leaders

Madigangill Logo

Established in 2009, MadiganGill represents the collaboration of two family names, bringing together a wealth of experience gained at Director level, in construction, site resourcing and project logistics industries.

In 2021, I rebranded their entire business, sharpening their brand and value perception, to help them reach new markets for expansion.

If you’re a leader in the construction industry, I have the expertise to transform your drive and passion into a formidable branding powerhouse. I’d love a chat to see if we’re a good fit.

Feedback from MadiganGill

"I have worked with Peter many times in the past 12 years and in all cases, my clients have been delighted with the results. He has a creative tenacity that makes sure that what is finally produced really does work for them. I would have no hesitation recommending Peter."
Tony Kenton
Brand Specialist, MadiganGill
Tony Kenton Brand Strategy

Green Energy: Lucrative Government Contract Won

From start up to industry leaders in their space – the branding I produced for Jordan and Finn of Everyone’s Energy was critical in landing them a lucrative government contract.

Green Energy Brand Strategy And Design

Jordan of Everyone's Energy

Peter's work from the very beginning was instrumental in enabling us to pursue larger contracts. The brand messaging and overall design he provided were exactly what we needed to pitch for more significant contracts and realise our full potential. Since starting out as just a duo, we've grown to a team of over 20, and nearly four years on, Peter's initial work continues to work its magic. If you're looking for a one-stop branding expert who can handle almost anything you need, Peter is your go-to guy.
Jordan Brown
Founder Everyone's Energy
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