I've built strong relationships with many great business people around the world from a wide range of sectors. I'm confident I can deliver a great final design project for you to help grow and expand your business and brand. 

Peter Coleman and I have known each other for quite some time now as we are both working on the project ‘Hit Hard’…Hit Hard is the brand that Peter has so meticulously put together that surrounds the Professional boxer George Hillyard and his return to the ring in a very different way to most, the story is incredible and I can’t imagine anyone else being able to bring that story to life in the way Peter has.

As I watched how Peter works, his attention to detail, his deep and intricate analysis of every aspect of the project in order to create a story that you see out in your minds I have been left in complete awe.

I have worked in the marketing sector many years ago but never before have I come across a mind like Peters, he can take something that we would just do and forget about, bring it back to life and show case like a movie… from the design and flow of the website to how the story is played out over social media Peter has created a very smooth operation.

His work is clean and concise but at the same time extremely sophisticated and detailed, he has taken a good project and made it fantastic, so much so I have a line of contacts waiting to work with Peter.

I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for the Hit Hard brand and will continue to excitedly recommend his amazing work and talk about what an equally lovely person he is too, I very much look forward to working with Peter on future projects.

Leah Jean
International Sports & Finance Director

I have used Peter many times for my design work and every timeI feel as though I am in a safe pair of hands. He is prompt,reliable, and always willing to go that extra mile for his client.

Nick Mitchell
Founder Ultimate Performance Gym

Since meeting up with Peter I’ve been consistently impressed with his work ethic and his finally delivery always on point. For any other future projects I’ll be using Pete to build and promote my brand.

Ricky Grover
UK Award Winning Actor and Comedian

Peter brings so much to the table. He’s established a powerful platform on which to re-launch my career. The response so far in raising my profile has been first class.

From my kit and glove designs to my website, Hit Hard brand and social media to organising my TV interviews I simply could not have got my profile where it is without them!

I’m already getting some amazing sponsorship opportunities through their brand partnerships that I would never get anywhere else! His work is second to none!

George ‘Hit Hard’ Hillyard 
Professional Boxer

How refreshing to work with someone that just gets it! Nothing is too much trouble, and nothing too great a task. Peter delivers without being bogged down with ‘design speak’ or ‘corporate niceties’. He challenges the brief and crafts ideas that work, ultimately producing results that capture the requirements and exceed expectations. A true artist at work, fantastic designer and inspiring person to be around. I look forward to our next project

Kalvin Burt
Creative Account Director

I have used Peter for my design and branding work over 10 years and in all cases, my clients have been delighted with the results.

He has a creative tenacity that makes sure that what is finally produced really does work for them. I would have no hesitation recommending Peter.

Tony Kenton
International Brand Consultant