Illustration in Branding

Making Your Brand's Story Visually Captivating

A bespoke illustration is a unique and creative way to convey your brand. It will grab attention in the right spaces and intrigue clients with curiosity. Create engagement through the storytelling power of illustration.

From Motorcylce Courier to Hollywood

Illustration Of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Movie Set At London'S Imax, Designed By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

I started out as a street artist – my initial passion was and still is people. Back in those days I used to draw and paint portraits and caricatures as a hobby. When I transferrd those skills much later in to digital art I landed my first major commercial role.

Working as a motorcylce courier in London, (lived to tell the tale), I used to carry my work under the seat of my bike with the full intention of showing a design agency should that chance come about (I got a few knock backs but persisted) – and in 2002 that’s exactly what happened.

It was raining cats and dogs (as my mum used to say) and I get a call from dispatch asking if I could cover a rider who broke down in Hampstead. They needed an urgent parcel taken from Barclays Bank in the City out the Briliant Media in Hampstead.

I showed Simon my work. 6 weeks later he called me and asked if I’d like to work on Harry Potter!

So my first ever commercial project was designing a full size movie set for Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets at London’s IMAX cinema. It was this moment that sparked my early interest in brand storytelling.

View the project here >>

Testimonal from Simon of Briliant Media

"Peter came out of nowhere to illustrate an entire movie set for the second Harry Potter movie. He delivered an impressive finished design that blew our clients away. He is a true professional in everything he does, from illustration and design to strategic ideas, a rare and valuable find for us"
Simon Tabelin
Founder and CEO - Brilliant Media

How Digital Art and Illustration can help you...

In a world dominated by AI and digital imagery, the artistry of custom illustrations shines brighter than ever before. Each stroke of the pen tells a story, conveying nuances and emotions that words alone cannot capture.

I believe that illustrations are not just decorative elements but powerful tools for brand storytelling and connection – I re-created the logo for Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah by hand, you can view that here.

With a custom illustration tailored to your brand, you can command attention, evoke curiosity, and forge deep emotional bonds with your audience.

In today’s competitive landscape, standing out is essential. My bespoke illustrations are designed to set your brand apart, capturing its essence, values, and mission in a visually compelling way.

Gone are the days of generic visuals—embrace the opportunity to showcase your brand’s uniqueness and creativity.

Illustrations transcend language barriers and cultural differences, making them invaluable assets for brands seeking to expand their global presence. With my custom illustrations, you can communicate with audiences around the world, breaking boundaries and fostering meaningful connections.

Illustration For Book Sold At Hamleys Toy Store, Designed By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

Jiggly Boggly and the GOSH monsters. I was asked to produce an illustration to support this great cause

Character Illustration Created For Book Launch Attended By Ian Wright, Designed By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

My Illustration for Great Ormond Street Hospital Book Sold at Hamleys. We launched the book with Ian Wright

Digital Painting Of Kate Moss By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

Freehand illustration of Kate Moss – As sold at Gallery 90 alongside London’s most prolific artists

Digital Painting Of Robbie Williams By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

Freehand illustration of Robbie Williams – As sold at Gallery 90 alongside London’s most prolific artists

Freehand Digital Illustration Of Harry Kane By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

Harry Kane – Yes I support Spurs.
Don’t hold that against me 🙂

Lucas Moura

Illustration captures great moments, offers uniquness and helps to tell power stories.

Kind Random Logo Master

As a published artist known by the moniker ‘King Random,’ my art is not just an expression of creativity but a manifestation of brand essence, be it personal or professional.

My pieces have adorned galleries worldwide and can bring a unique visual narrative to your living or work space.

My ethos revolves around aiding people with integrity to express their authentic selves—whether through branding or art. This core belief transcends market niches and focuses instead on the caliber and character of the people I choose to collaborate with.

If you’re seeking bespoke art that amplifies your brand’s values or simply adds a layer of uniqueness to your personal or corporate environment, let’s connect.

Sadlers Out Art

Sadlers Out – Freehand Digital Painting

King Random Art

New World Hope – Freehand Digital Painting

James Bond Art

Space Royale – Freehand Digital Painting

Illustration Of Harrison Ford As Han Solo From 1977 Star Wars And 2015 Force Awakens By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

One of my early screen icons – Mr. Harrison Ford

Illustration Of Winston Churchill As An Mma Fighter By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.

Winston Churcill art produced on request