Since our ancestors scribbled on walls - logo's have become the single marker that seperate our tribes from the rest. It's the essential focal point of your brand that pulls everything together.

Focusing Your Brand

Your logo is more than just a graphic. It’s the embodiment of your brand’s identity, representing everything your business stands for. It’s the visual cue that triggers memories, builds trust, and communicates your values to your audience.

It’s what sets you apart and defines how people perceive, communicate with and engage on behalf of a company or organisation in order to fulfil their own needs & wants whether these be cultural, spiritual. educational or recreational.

I’ll design a logo for you that will give you and your team a sense of professional pride and resonate with your target audience. Create an icon for your business today!

Logo For Ultimate Performance Gym, Designed By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic', Known For Training Hollywood'S Elite.
Dynamic Website Interface For A Solar Energy Brand, Designed By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic', Emphasizing Sustainable And Green Energy Solutions.
Hand-Drawn Logo For Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Crafted By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic', Embodying Traditional Elegance And Personal Significance.
Sports Marketing
Construction Marketing
Corporate Design
Brighter Days
Logo Design For 'Your Town We Are Next', Created By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic', Based In Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, Highlighting Community And Progress.
Barbershop Logo Marketing Branding London
Mental Health