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Muscleworks Gym London - The Brand Story

Muscleworks Gym London

Sav Kyriacou is one of the most charismatic and passionate guys I’ve ever worked with.


Savvas Kyriacou is a British Cypriot and former professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and founder of the renowned Muscleworks Gym in London, England.

Sav has assisted and instructed a number of industry greats in their professional training, including eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Dean Coleman.

Sav’s relentless pursuit of success, both personally and professionally, is the driving force behind his esteemed Muscleworks Gyms – the unrivaled ‘Home of Champions’. When Sav sought to encapsulate the unbridled energy of his new Muscleworks DVD ‘Raw Muscle’ into an impactful cover design, he came to me.

The objective was to generate buzz through press and online advertising. In addition, I also had the privilege of cross-promoting the DVD on his new line of Muscleworks Protein products, creating a cohesive and powerful brand presence.

Services Used

Pid Muscleworks London Protein Packaging
Branded Packaging Design For Muscleworks Gym, Crafted By The Impact Brand Mechanic - Peter Coleman.
Sav Kyriacaou And Peter Coleman

Working with highly ambitous people who operate with intergrity is my sweet spot. Sav is a true gentlmen and a man of honour and respect. Every single time I worked with him was a blessing. I still see him about from time to time and he always has time for a quick chat, a great man.

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