Mayweather Boxer Merchandise

Mayweather Boxer Project

Peter James Coleman Branding, Sports Division

In 2019 I was selected by International Sports Solutions to design a complete brand architecture for their ‘Hit Hard’ Mayweather Boxer project. International Sports Solutions is headed up by Sports and Finance Director Leah Jean who structured and set up an amazing opportunity for a UK boxer to pursue his dreams of a world title comeback. The logo and brand …

Harry Potter Design Hoddesdon London

Set Design for Hollywood

Peter James Coleman Movie Division, Print Design

This was the project that effectively launched my career. I was chosen by London design agency It Has To Be Brilliant to hand draw and design a movie set for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at London’s IMAX cinema. The brief was to use my style of illustration to transform the whole of London’s IMAX …

Construction Re-Brand

Peter James Coleman Branding, Construction Marketing Design, Print Design, Web Design

  IBC changed direction towards the end 2015, our task was to develop a new brand identity that would reflect the future of IBC. Part of the plan is to utilise data to measure and offer an even better service, tailoring the service to each of their members with the intelligent use of data and proven strategies to increase sales. …

The Spirit of House Music

Peter James Coleman Branding, Lifestyle Marketing Design

Pump up the house music brand! House Music is still thing! If you need a brand design that will captivate your followers then I can help you! Memories of my halcyon days – the pounding beats, the warm summer nights in Ibiza, the care-free days of being 20 something. That’s a good few years ago for me so when Sarah …

Vehicle Graphic Design

Peter James Coleman Construction Marketing Design

A powerful way to make an impact is using branded vehicle graphic design. For Capital Drywall, I worked with one of my official partners Complete Graphic to finish the job. From a branding point of view, Capital have a strong logo however, I felt I could expand their brand with the development of additional key graphical components for their fleet …

MMA Marketing Design

MMA Marketing

Peter James Coleman Sports Division, Sports Marketing Design

Training with UFC fighters gave us a good understanding of the just how much passion these guys have for the sport. In 2012 our sports marketing design helped market the WFC’s tournaments that showcased some of the biggest names in UK MMA. These events were shown on Sky TV and attended by Premiership Footballers. A proud moment for us was designing …

MMA Marketing Design

Global Sports Marketing

Peter James Coleman Print Design, Sports Division, Sports Marketing Design

Our Sports Marketing Design service can give you the image and presence to empower your brand. Whether you are a sports professional, personal trainer or sports brand. This is a successful print ad we designed for Dynamic Fightwear which ran for 2 years in Fighters Only Magazine and Men’s Fitness. To go to print the design had to be approved by …

Marketing for Muscleworks

Peter James Coleman Print Design, Sports Division, Sports Marketing Design

Sav Kyriacou is one of the most charismatic and passionate guys I’ve ever worked with. His desire to be successful and echo those sentiments through his business is the bloodline that makes his Muscleworks Gyms the most respected in the world. They are rightly named ‘The Home of Champions’. Sav approached me to help translate the raw energy of his new …

Branding Our Local Town

Peter James Coleman Print Design, Sports Marketing Design

I have collaborated with Your Town on a variety of core design projects since 2015 to help Mark and his team develop a strong visual presence in local towns across the UK, from re-building the original branding with logo design and marketing campaigns to the current main logo image. Other key aspects were the design of crucial documentation to secure …

Award Winning Restaurant Marketing

Peter James Coleman Print Design, Restaurant Marketing Design, Web Design

Restaurant Marketing Design to tantalize the taste buds of Hertfordshire If you own a restaurant then you will know it’s vital that your image portrays a high level of expertise and trust. If your menus and/or website do not look up to scratch, then what message will that send out regarding the service you offer and most importantly your food? …