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In 2018, Dave Cordell contacted us to help brand his new venture which he originally named Smokeshed Breakfast, Bar and Grill. Between 2018 and 2021, we helped them refine their brand reputation to become one of the most exciting restaurant brands in Hertfordshire. So much so that many thought this family run establishment was a franchise.

When you first launch a business, you need ‘push’ marketing – once you establish your position as Smokeshed have done, you have what is known as ‘pull’ marketing. In other words, you have a ‘brand’ that people talk about, pulling others in. With our help, they even secured the attention of other well established brands and influencers.

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You know the stress in involved in launching a new business, but we loved the energy and passion Dave has for Smokeshed so we committed to help them grow their business – we’d already won awards in the hospitality sector, attracting high profile clients for other restaurants, so we felt confident we could do the same – and I’m glad to say we did!


Between 2018 – 2021, our work put Smokeshed firmly on the digital map and exploded their brand awareness, pulling in customers in their droves.

Initially they were highly skeptical about having an online presence beyond their website but we insisted, initially handling all replies to their Google page which has at the time of writing, almost 450 reviews. 

They wanted to experiment with a few brand identity options along the way as we helped them find their position.

As a new business, they adapted to the challenges of the pandemic and we stood with them every step of the way, going beyond the call of duty to keep pushing out content and campaigns that built credibility as their reputation began to grow based on the amazing food they serve!

We bang the ‘brand’ drum hard here at Professional Impact Design and it’s safe to say that, with our support, combined with their capability to serve up top notch grub, their brand (reputation) has grown fantastically well since launch.


As a result of committing to good service and working with us, Smokeshed Bar & Grill now have a reputation that will stand them in good stead moving forwards. We’ve enjoyed playing our part in getting them to where they are now and as we explore other areas of interest, we would like to wish Dave and his family every success with Smokeshed, we’ve every confidence in them. Don’t be surprised if you see them featured on a TV show in the future. That’s the potential they have so remember where you read it first 🙂 

Project Deliverables

A professional brand identity will create a big impact for your business. The brand we produced for Smokeshed Hoddesdon has pulled in big names for collaborative promotions including Dead Man's Fingers and Pistonhead Lager

Our Brand Work for Smokeshed as Seen on Food Review Club - Professional Brand Identity Packages Attract the Right People for Your Business

Social Media Marketing and Print Design

Smokeshed Website Design November 2019 - the "Click to Call" button alone generated approximately £250,000 in bookings in one year alone!

SmokSmokeshed Hoddesdon Website
Anyone running a business should really look into the work this company puts together, it is beyond just a web design company, they take your brand, your vision, and push your message across the net then continually update and produce quality work, making your business move forward keeping you in front of the competition.
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Dave Cordell
Smokeshed Hoddesdon - Managing DIrector
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