Regret is a tough business

Peter James Coleman Mind Set Leave a Comment

Many entrepreneurs and those self employed mention the struggles they face on their journey.

It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of failed relationships, abusive childhoods and struggles with health. But what if you stay stuck in regret…using your business as a tool to try and repair the past and validate who you are instead of serving others?

Struggle builds character and the required drive to push through and make the required changes if you want to improve your life. No doubt, your pain and regrets can act like rocket fuel to propel you forwards. On it’s own that’s not a bad thing.

But there comes a time when the fuel of pain and regret can decay into bitterness, anger or rage. Often times you may put your interpretation on things in order to justify it all – but this only creates more problems than before! This is a double bind of a sword that cuts both ways.

Feeling Robbed

On one hand, you feel robbed, short changed and hurt over “what might have been” if certain things did or did not happen. You live in a dually conflicted internal universe of before a life changing event and after.

But because this seems to get results at the start, you hold onto the energy this creates to make the required changes. “No more Mr. Nice Guy, I’ll show you!”

It’s hard to go back in time and fix all your regrets. A life without regret is impossible, but what good are the precious moments when they’re spent wallowing in trying to change the past. More so by using your business as a platform to ‘show them’.

It seems like you have this identity crisis–both before a major event changed everything and after. You have to work out where you are now, accept the things you can’t change and unlock your true power by surrendering to the past and moving forwards with what you have.

The mind trap of regret that will stop you progressing past your current level…and the truth is, in the grand scheme of things, your past doesn’t really matter as much as you think it might.


Well for a start, there are many successful business owners and entrepreneurs who have achieved many great things who didn’t have to face what you did.

However, they still had to work extra hard to make stuff happen. Just like you did. The difference is that their approach was one of passion and joy.

What they have is a net result of taking action – but their planning and doing wasn’t slowed down by time wasted focusing on the things they can’t change. Sure, they may have used past events to drive them – but they didn’t stay stuck in the past. They focused only on what action needed to be taken next.

Although being fuelled by past regret may feel like it’s getting you results, it’s not. Because no matter what you achieve in business, you will never be able fully enjoy the trophies of your efforts, because underneath all that effort, is still a reluctance to accept what happened.

Whatever it is, let it go, accept it…and move on. Good luck!