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Social Media Marketing

Having a strong digital platform as part of your online toolkit is essential.

With digital design, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing just having a website is enough to build awareness of your online business. When it comes to marketing your brand, a 'build it and they will come' approach will not yield the results you desire.

"A relationship starts with first impressions"

Once they are made, it’s a case of building up those relationships in order to reach the ultimate goal: to strengthen your network, one person at a time.

Working and speaking from experience, I understand that Social Media never sleeps. I know how important it is to keep your followers up-to-date and I have measures in place, not only to build relationships but also to maintain them.

Having reached an understanding of what your brand represents, I will then set the ‘tone of voice’ I believe you should harness and ensure that this remains consistent. Once bonds are formed, I will start to create a community – one that every one of your followers will feel a part of. Just like you and your brand is part of mine.

Social Media Advertising – Paid social media advertising is an essential part of any social media campaign to drive leads, turbo charge engagement and generate quality web traffic. While it can be quite simple to set up and run social media adverts, optimising them to get maximum return from your budget is an art. That’s where I can help.

Social Media Strategy – A social media strategy has to be defined before any social media activity can be planned or implemented. It is the guiding light that matches business goals with online activity. First, I must have a solid, in-depth understanding of who you are and who your clients are. Then I can get to work, crafting the plan and adjusting as I go.

Social Media Management – Effective social media management requires an ability to understand how to leverage online trends. It also requires the time to react quickly and efficiently to customer comments and queries. I can help with that – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Making sure you remain a constant in the minds of your target audience.

Social Media Design – Social media content packs more of a punch with visuals. Cutting edge animation and bespoke design boosts engagement, reach and leads. Our design team delivers impactful and relevant design that will catch the eye and deliver results. What’s more is I can then use that design in other areas of your campaign to further boost your brand.

I can help you make an impact with:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Ad Campains

Build Your Brand on Instagram

A carefully planned strategy on Instagram can yield fantastic results for your business, generating brand awareness and leads.

From short stories and eye catching posts to fully interactive carousels, I can help you build your audience and brand engagement.

Want to build an engaged audience?

  • Post 3 times a day, keep your images on brand and your captions informative or entertaining.
  • Follow that up with a set of 30 hashtags and in time you'll be generating leads.

Instagram carousel posts when the user swipes left create great engagement.

They also serve the Instagram algorithm as they count as 1 level of engagement per swipe. This lifts your brand up the rankings and give you further brand exposure.

This is a post I did to promote my own brand.


Brand design posts for Smokeshed Hoddesdon

These brought in over 1000 local followers in just a few months. Bringing a sharp increase in
brand awareness and customer spend.

Brand Design posts for Dumbleby Forest

This account is in it's early stages but the idea here is to build interest for a new book that supports children
letting go of their dummy.

I’ll help you drive sales with a variety of social media marketing packages


It’s not about the number of followers but the quality of the relationship..

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