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The Personal Branding of the Late
Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah - Website/Brand Design for a World Leader

Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah was an influential world leader who created a positive impact in his part of the world in so many ways.

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In December 2020, the world came together to mourn the loss of Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah. His family turned to me, driven by a vision to create a finely-crafted online platform that would honour Sheikh Nasser’s intricate life journey and exceptional legacy.


The journey began with the digital reimagination of Sheikh Nasser’s unique logo, originally designed by artist and architect Farid Abdal. Drawing from the original work, the logo was hand-sketched with precision and passion, ready for the digital world.

Once the logo set the stage, I moved on to crafting a brand style guide for Sheikh Nasser. This crucial asset served as a compass for visual consistency, guiding the future storytelling of Sheikh Nasser’s rich legacy.

The project saw the English website come to life first, paving the way for a more comprehensive Arabic version – tenfold the size of its English counterpart. With the dedicated support of Loulwa Alnaama, Sheikh Nasser’s assistant for 15 years, who traveled from Kuwait, the Arabic translation was accurately realised.

This body of work exemplifies the potential of thoughtful and personalised branding in immortalising a legacy. Like Sheikh Nasser’s family, you too can leverage this potential to create a personal brand that resonates deeply with your audience and stands the test of time.

Project Deliverables

Sheikh Nasser Arabic Logo, Hand Drawn Using the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. The logo is Sheikh Nasser’s name written in Arabic

Arabic and English Logo Variations

Ensuring Visual Consistency with a Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Excerpts from the 64 Page Sheikh Nasser Brand Style Guide

Print Design Concepts Showing Flexibility of Brand Assets

Sheikh Nasser Website in Both Arabic and English

Professional Branding Services

Tribute from Tony Blair

More on the Sheikh Nasser Project

The opportunity to undertake this project was a true honor. I learned a great deal about Sheikh Nasser. Despite his elevated status, his selfless and humble nature shone through his efforts to aid and support individuals from all walks of life.

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