Capture the attention of your ideal clientele with video and precision-targeted ads. Master the mechanics of content that doesn’t just reach – it resonates and performs.

Social Media Mechanics

You need more than just a strategy; you need to master the mechanics of capturing and retaining attention. You have a mere second to halt the scroll and make an impact.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, the real challenge begins: keeping them engaged.

Social media is both an art and a science.

You have to know how to hook, retain and sell without selling.

Take a look at this graph from a recent campaign I ran for a local small business. The dips in followers correspond to pauses in our advertising, highlighting the direct impact of sustained campaigns.

This straightforward ad strategy is expected to generate a minimum of £120,000 in annual turnover for a small local business.

I’ll train your team or work with you to increase you presence and drive sales.

Collection Of Social Media Post Designs For Broxbourne Enterprise Centres By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic', Showcasing Vibrant And Engaging Content.
Screenshot Of Instagram Metrics Showing Significant Revenue Increase By Peter Coleman, 'The Brand Mechanic', Achieved With A Single Ad Campaign
Hand Holding A Magnet Attracting Social Media Icons Of Likes, Loves, And Smiles, Symbolizing Effective Facebook Ad Engagement By Peter Coleman, 'The Impact Brand Mechanic'.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the UK's most popular social media platform with over 35 million users logging in every month.

I can create for you a fully measurable and branded Facebook Ad campaign that will connect with your ideal customer, increase brand awareness and quality traffic to your website.