Three offers an optimistic view of a 5G-powered future in its biggest brand campaign to date.

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Every now and then, I come across an ad that blows my mind - this effort for Three Mobile called "Real 5G", created by Wieden & Kennedy London, is a follow-up to the 2018 campaign.

Viewers are transported through a wormhole to futuristic scenes that have recognisable elements of British culture. For example, Tinder dating is boosted by holograms and the technology enables a robotic England team to finally win the World Cup. There is also a cameo from Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, who appears as a 5G hologram in a couple’s home.

The work was created by Adam Newby and Will Wells, and directed by Ian Pons Jewell, who also shot "Phones are good", through Academy. Zenith is the media agency.

Three partnered brands including Tinder, Samsung, YouTube Music, Deliveroo and Greggs to feature in the campaign. In March, the telecoms company will launch an Instagram lens that gives customers a glimpse of their future 5G job.

"We discovered that people want to be proud of Britain again… so it was really important to make this feel like Britain is great again in the future"
Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three UK

Cockneys vs Zombies Part 2 anyone?

What an amazing creative piece!

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