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Ultimate Performance Gym is one of my early success stories when it comes to helping launch a brand that has since made a professional impact on a global scale

The Ultimate Peformance Gym Brand Story

Back in 2008, I had the pleasure of working with Nick Mitchell, a highly ambitious and visionary entrepreneur, on the branding for his new personal training gym. From our first conversation, I knew that he was a driven professional who was committed to making his business a success.

At the time, he was feeling frustrated and wanted to launch his business as a top-tier personal trainer. I helped him develop a strong brand identity that accurately reflected his business and resonated with his target audience.Today, Nick’s has gyms around the world that are thriving, and he has become a highly respected figure in the fitness industry.

He has trained high-profile clients like Glen Powell to get him in prime shape for Top Gun Maverick along with David Bautista (James Bond Spectre) and other Hollywood actors.

If you’re a professional business owner with big ambitions, I can help you create an impact with your status, credibilty and reputation through brand strategy and design.

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